Monday, 12 June 2017

I am leaving for the Philippines tomorrow and Im sick as a dog!!!

My excitement for this trip has significantly been reduced by my cold, being the pharmacist that I am I self medicated in an effort to cure myself before I board the plane tomorrow. 

I am vacaydeprived  I have been for seven months. I simply cannot wait  to sip on cocktails while I'm lying on the beach in my bikini.  I cannot wait to swim with the whale sharks , have countless massages and to  jump off cliffs, yes I am an adventure junky. This would be my fifth country that I would visit and I will surely leave my heart behind.

I chose the Philippines because it has been ranked as having the best beaches in the world, it has many islands and it has many outdoor activities that you can choose from. Beside the fact that it is beautiful, it is by far one of the cheapest countries to travel too in the world. This trip was meant to be a solo trip but then my two lady friends joined me. We decided to do some island hopping, Cebu- Boracay and El nido, Palawan. Whether I am sick or half dead I will be boarding that plane tomorrow, nothing will keep me away from this adventure.

Wanderlust is real !!!
Island hopping

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