Saturday, 16 September 2017

Cebu Island day 2 -Chasing waterfalls and Whale Sharks in Oslob

Day two, We woke up super early as our tour Chenerie Mendez collected us at 5am in our hotel foyer. Oslob is a three-hour drive from our Sarrosa International hotel, our driver drove extremely fast so we managed to do the trip in two hours. We slept, well I slept even though the driver drove like a maniac. 
However, we were not bothered as we were super excited to finally get up close with the amazing gentle giants of the ocean. When we arrived in Oslob we first had coffee and mango with sticky rice at a coffee shop on the beach front. There were so many boats just waiting to go into the sea, so each group first had to have a safety briefing before going leaving the shore. We were not allowed to touch the Whales but they can touch us, weird I know. We climbed out the boat one by one and then we just swam around and with them. The Whale Sharks are harmless and only feed on plankton, they grow up to 12m in length and are docile by nature. Hence I call them the gentle giants of the ocean. After swimming with the whales we went on another expedition, chasing waterfalls. We drove for another hour from Oslob to the waterfall. Kawasan waterfalls was a wonderful way to end our day. The clear pool like water was a treat from heaven. We walked a few miles from the car park to the waterfalls, as we were walking the excitement was increasing. As soon as we saw the water we began to undress and immediately jumped into the water. We swam for one hour thereafter lunch was served. We ate a lovely chicken curry served with rice and a pork stew.  We were impressed with the services rendered by Cebu Trip Tours, they can be contacted at 09176278855 and their website is 
This was our last day in Cebu, the next morning we checked out of our hotels and flew from Cebu to Boracay (Caticlan). It was a 50- minute flight. 

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